Blog Awards!

Crazy to say that last week I hit 13k thank you so much, i love y’all! In celebration i’m running my first blog awards.


  • Best Zalfie Blog
  • Best Troyler Blog
  • Best Phan Blog
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Edits/Gifs
  • Best Fanfics/One Shots
  • Best Multifandom Blog
  • Kindest/Friendliest Blogger
  • Best Overall Youtuber Blog


  • mbf me to nominate
  • Nominations in each of the categories will be open until midnight Tuesday 8th July (GMT) and then voting will open the next day as soon as I post the polls on my blog
  • Nominate blogs off anon 
  • Nominate in as many or as few categories as you want. 

The winners of each category will get a promo link on my blog, a follow (if i’m not already following) and just the pride of winning ofc

Reblog this post to advertise the awards and gain nominations from your followers :)

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it’s always been your place. both of yours. i was just keeping it warm until you came to your senses.

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Track Title: More Than This (Audio Channel Edit)

Artist: Niall Horan


2011 Niall in your left ear.

2013 Niall in your right ear.

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time to celebrate the 3 year anniversary

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